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“Spring Blooms” Wildflower Walk on Sears Island

Starflower blooming on Sears Island

Celebrate the debut of spring on a wildflower walk with Friends of Sears Island and program leader Grace Bartlett, on Friday, May 5th from 10:00am-12:00pm. Like other species, wildflowers go through a cycle of life. We will look for seed pods and other remnants of last year’s flowers, as well as the earliest spring wildflowers such as Canada mayflowers, trillium, and skunk cabbage. We will also explore the unique ways flowers attract pollinators, thus producing the next generation of flowers. Grace Bartlett is a Maine Master Naturalist, who is naturally curious about all things outdoors. She is especially interested in studying and photographing the Lilliputian world of lichens and mosses.

This event is free and open to the public. Sears Island is on Sears Island Road off Route 1 just east of Searsport. Participants should park along the causeway at the end of the road and meet at the kiosk near the island gate by 10:00am. Please wear footwear appropriate for hiking, clothing suitable for the weather and insects, and bring water, a snack, and insect repellent. Please no pets on guided walks. For more information and updates about cancellations in the event of inclement weather, visit,, or call Ashley at (207) 975-3878.

Join us for A Summer Sojourn with Mike Shannon

Join Friends of Sears Island for a nature walk titled “Sears Island: A Summer Sojourn” on Saturday, July 9th from 10:00am-12:00pm. This program will be led by Mike Shannon, a master naturalist, former ornithology teacher at Unity College, Registered Maine Guide, and instructor at Senior College in Belfast. The walk will focus on connecting with ourselves, with others, with the land . . . three good reasons why many of us spend time outdoors.  Join us as we explore and discover the wildness of this local place.  Learn to identify common species, sharpen your observational skills, and arouse your kinship with the natural world. The possibilities will surprise and delight you.     Continue reading Join us for A Summer Sojourn with Mike Shannon

FOSI to Host Beach Walk with Marine Biologist on June 27th

Friends of Sears Island to Offer Guided Beach Walk

Join University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences Biologist Sara Lindsay in an exploration of the intertidal on Sears Island on Monday, June 27th from 10am-12pm. Participants will walk the shore around low tide to learn about the ecology of marine organisms that live on the island and how to “read mud.” Dr. Lindsay teaches marine biology and studies marine invertebrates, primarily worms, to understand how their activities affect marine communities. She is especially interested in how marine invertebrates regenerate to cope with injury, and how that changes their behavior. In her spare time, she likes to explore the beauty of marine animals using microscopes; some of her images have been recognized in national competitions.    Continue reading FOSI to Host Beach Walk with Marine Biologist on June 27th

Summer Stewardship Opportunities: Invasive Plant Removal and Citizen Science Projects Underway

Thanks to funding by the Maine Community Foundation and the Davis Conservation Foundation, Friends of Sears Island is beginning a season of intensive stewardship on the island, with a focus on searching for and eradicating many invasive plants and also documenting sensitive features.   Continue reading Summer Stewardship Opportunities: Invasive Plant Removal and Citizen Science Projects Underway

Friends of Sears Island Presents Island Explorers Program for Families

Join Friends of Sears Island for a fun-filled family nature program with Ashley Megquier on Sunday, June 12th from 10am-12:30pm. Parents and their kids will learn about various habitats on Sears Island through educational games, stories, and hands-on exploration. This interactive adventure will be much like a mini day-camp for the whole family. Ashley is FOSI’s Outreach Coordinator, as well as an experienced environmental educator, camp director, after-school program manager, mother, and artist, who enjoys any opportunity to share nature with children.    Continue reading Friends of Sears Island Presents Island Explorers Program for Families

Walks and Hikes

August 9     Explore Coastal Maine geology    11 – 12 Lecture,     1:30 – 3 Field Hike

Dr. Stephen Norton will provide a talk and then lead participants on an exploration of the dramatic and varied geological features of Sears Island and coastal Maine. Dr. Norton, who retired from the University of Maine in 2008, received his Ph.D. in geology from Harvard University. Early in his career he conducted research with the US Geological Survey and the Maine Geological Survey, unraveling the history of crustal rocks in western New England and Maine. His research continues to the present and is concerned with chemical processes in the earth’s surface, specifically the interaction of water, rock materials and humans. HIs work has taken him to many places, including close to the North and South poles, Europe, Canada and Mexico. In recent years, Dr. Norton has led popular talks and walks on geology for Maine residents.

Continue reading Walks and Hikes