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“Spring Blooms” Wildflower Walk on Sears Island

Starflower blooming on Sears Island

Celebrate the debut of spring on a wildflower walk with Friends of Sears Island and program leader Grace Bartlett, on Friday, May 5th from 10:00am-12:00pm. Like other species, wildflowers go through a cycle of life. We will look for seed pods and other remnants of last year’s flowers, as well as the earliest spring wildflowers such as Canada mayflowers, trillium, and skunk cabbage. We will also explore the unique ways flowers attract pollinators, thus producing the next generation of flowers. Grace Bartlett is a Maine Master Naturalist, who is naturally curious about all things outdoors. She is especially interested in studying and photographing the Lilliputian world of lichens and mosses.

This event is free and open to the public. Sears Island is on Sears Island Road off Route 1 just east of Searsport. Participants should park along the causeway at the end of the road and meet at the kiosk near the island gate by 10:00am. Please wear footwear appropriate for hiking, clothing suitable for the weather and insects, and bring water, a snack, and insect repellent. Please no pets on guided walks. For more information and updates about cancellations in the event of inclement weather, visit,, or call Ashley at (207) 975-3878.

Summer Stewardship Opportunities: Invasive Plant Removal and Citizen Science Projects Underway

Thanks to funding by the Maine Community Foundation and the Davis Conservation Foundation, Friends of Sears Island is beginning a season of intensive stewardship on the island, with a focus on searching for and eradicating many invasive plants and also documenting sensitive features.   Continue reading Summer Stewardship Opportunities: Invasive Plant Removal and Citizen Science Projects Underway

Sears Island Conservation Easement


  • Several miles of shoreline to explore — sand, rocks, ledges
  • Freshwater streams and wetlands
  • Vernal pools and tidal pools
  • Forests and fern meadows, wildflowers and berries
  • 168 species of birds sighted — a stop along migratory flyway
  • Fishing, clamming
  • Hiking, snowshoeing on peripheral and wooded inland trails
  • Scenic vistas of Penobscot Bay
  • Picnicking, swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Kayaking
  • Family outings
  • Discovering history preserved in stone walls and old foundations
  • Special features:
  • Habitat for 28 mammal species, 9 amphibian and reptile species
  • Diverse ecosystems providing a living lab for environmental studies:
  • Glacial erratics and huge old trees
  • Accessibility to non-boating public

Welcome to Friends of Sears Island

The mission of the Friends of Sears Island (FOSI) is to support permanent protection of Sears Island’s environmental and cultural resources; preserve its marine, shoreland, and forest ecosystems; and encourage educational and low impact recreational uses of the island.

In 2009, when then Governor John Baldacci signed into law the Conservation Easement on 601 acres, FOSI agreed to assume the role of volunteer stewards, in partnership with Maine Coast Heritage Trust, holder of the easement.