Kids Winter Survival February Break Program Registration

This program is now full! 
If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please complete the registration form below. You will be notified if space opens up.

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Kids Winter Survival February Break Program on Sears Island

with Serena Cole

February 20th, 1:00-3:00pm, Sears Island

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a drop-off program. A parent or guardian is required to attend with each child. Children must be between the ages of 6-12 to participate.

    You will receive an  email of your submitted form.

    * Participating children must be accompanied by an adult.

    NOTE: If you would like to register another child, please submit another form. Remember, space is limited and we will do our best to close registration promptly when the program is full.

    When you arrive at the program, you will be asked to sign the following release form

    I give permission for my child to attend a children’s program, offered by Friends of Sears Island (FOSI). By signing below, I specifically release both FOSI and its officers, directors, employees, staff, representatives, contractors and volunteers from any claims of any kind arising from my child’s participation in FOSI activities. I also give permission for FOSI to use photos or video clips of my child for promotional materials (names are never used).