Archaeology of Sears Island & Upper Penobscot Bay

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, archaeologist Paul Bock presented a fascinating talk and slideshow titled Archaeology of Sears Island & Upper Penobscot Bay: 12,000 Years of History Beneath Our Feet, co-hosted by Friends of Sears Island and the Belfast Free Library. Paul focused on the importance of cultural material resources to gain insight on our deep past and noted that many of these important sites are threatened, due to development and rising sea levels. He also touched on Native American sites that have been excavated in the area, from the Archaic period, through the Ceramic Period and into the Euro-Contact period, and covered some of the important early historic sites within the immediate area (17th and 18th century), with a focus on Sears Island. Paul Bock has over twenty years of archaeological field research experience throughout New England, and into the Mid Atlantic, in Cultural Resource Management, as well as Educational and Research Archaeology. Paul currently owns Stoney Knoll Archaeological Supplies ( and works occasionally as a Project Archaeologist for Monadnock Archaeological Consulting, LLC. He has worked closely with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission on ongoing research and conducts educational/public archaeology outreach projects in Midcoast Maine.