Explore the Island: Plants



One of the special features of Sears Island is diversity of plants and plant communities. You’ll see many of the types of forests we have in this part of Coastal Maine, and meadows filled with native flowers or covered with ferns. Walking down the Homestead Trail, you’ll see giant oaks along stone walls and young deciduous forests that are often found on old farms. If you walk the Jetty Road or the Green Trail, you’ll be treated to beautiful old native spruce and fir forests. Along the shore, you can see many beautiful seaside plants that only grow along the ocean. Along roads and trails, native berry bushes abound, including blackberries, holly, bayberry and cherries. Look for the small Pogoda dogwood, with its graceful branches and clusters of berries. Common Maine wildflowers such as star flower, Canada mayflower, bunchberry and low bush blueberry abound. The island is also rich in native ferns of many types. The lists and guides here include plants we have found on the island, but not all of those that are likely present! You can help us complete our list of Sears Island plants by reporting your observations to us. You may also help by joining our iNaturalist project “Animals and Plants of Sears Island” and submitting your observations and photographs there .

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