Explore the Island: Wildlife



Sears Island is home to many of the common wildlife species found in Maine. Its highly varied landscape, with many types of forests, wetlands and open areas are home to deer, coyotes, red and gray squirrels, mink, skunks, rabbits and many smaller creatures. The island has streams, forested wetlands and vernal pools, which play host to frogs, toads, salamanders and many tiny invertebrates. There are several snakes, including garter, ribbon and smooth green snakes. There are signs that moose have been on the island. In shore areas, you might see seals and otters. Our lists and guides include wildlife we have seen on the island, but not all of the species that are likely present! You can help us complete our list of Sears Island species by reporting your observations to us. You may also help by joining our Inaturalist project “Animals and Plants of Sears Island” and submitting your observations and photographs there .

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