At the close of 2011 FOSI wants to thank all of our members and friends  who have helped make this a positive and productive year – individuals;  area organizations and community groups; trail maintenance volunteers;  local teachers, principal, students and parents; naturalists; and more.  Each and every one has played an important role.

Here are some of FOSI’s milestones in 2011:

  • celebrated the completion of the Natural Resources Inventory with a wonderful power point presentation for the public by Botanist Alison Dibble (Stewards LLC) and Jake Maier (J.M. Forestry);
  • established a partnership with Searsport Elementary School, with a snowshoeing track identification trip and several trail maintenance trips; also partnered with groups from Searsport Shores Campground on cleanups and other activities;
  • developed a Strategic Plan and prioritized goals and objectives through 2015, with some already accomplished;
  • got a new website up and running, designed by Bonneville Consulting;
  • drafted a marketing plan to be finalized soon;
  • improved the appearance of the area around the gate;
  • restored another trail, the Green Trail west of the paved road, leading to the west shore;
  • held our first Open House, with a continuous slide show, guitar and vocals by Mark Aubertin, and lots of fabulous food;

And, thanks to some innovative members, we now have a nucleus of “Active Volunteers” who are commited to putting their interests and talents to work in ways that best suit their schedules and work loads.

Anyone who has experience that might fit a niche to benefit FOSI, please come forward and let us know.  Do you have artistic skills, clerical aptitudes?  Do you like planning events, taking photos, writing, organizing/leading work groups?  Would you like to put into effect a special interest that we may not even have thought of?

Many thanks to our outgoing President Jan Flint and Vice President Bob Ramsdell, for the time and energy they have dedicated to FOSI for several years.  Thanks, too, to Treasurer Jay Economy who will be continuing in that position, and to Secretary McCormack Economy who has agreed to stay on a little longer.

And welcome and best wishes to new President Marietta Ramsdell and Vice President Susan White.

Many thanks to Steve Albin for getting this letter out to you and setting up the process for future newsletters.