Despite foggy conditions, on a recent Bird Walk on Sears Island, co-sponsored by Friends of Sears Island and the Belfast Bay Watershed Coaltion, birders were able to identify the 29 different birds listed below, either by sight, sound or both. Click on our Amazing Birds of Sears Island Slideshow link to see photos of many of them, taken by Karl Gerstenberger.

For a list of other birds seen on the island click on the Sears Island Bird List by Kathy and Jim Zeman.

Buffleheads (pair) Common yellowthroat
Herring gull Ovenbird
Great blue heron Hermit thrush
American crow White-throated sparrow
Hairy woodpecker Red-breasted nuthatch
American robin Catbird
Chipping sparrow American goldfinch
Savannah sparrow Mourning dove
Black-throated green warbler Black-capped chickadee
Chestnut-sided warbler Canada goose
Black and white warbler Least flycatcher
Northern parula Purple finch
Nashville warbler Blue-headed vireo
Yellow-rumped warbler Ruby-throated hummingbird
Magnolia warbler