The students of Bucksport Middle School had a chance to learn about life in the tidal zone of Maine’s coast during two half days on Sears Island June 2nd and 3rd. Their exploration of the many interesting organisms found in different zones of the tidal area was also a chance to learn a few things about being scientific in their observations.

Students measured out study areas, then learned to use random sampling to make scientific estimates of species present and their populations, as well as how to carefully identify species including clams, worms, arthropods, algae and plants using field guides.

They also found invasive green crabs and learned to tell them from native crabs, as well as about the problems they and other invaders cause for native plants and animals and the overall diversity of life on the Maine coast.

The visit also provided the students with a chance to see an active effort to restore clam populations on Sears Island. The restoration is currently being spearheaded by FOSI Stewardship leader Bob Ramsdell, who gave students a tour of the experimental clam seeding plots placed by FOSI and the University of Maine.