The state of Maine is considering using 100 acres or more on the western shore of Sears Island as the site where enormous floating wind turbines will be built and then deployed to the Gulf of Maine as part of Maine’s renewable energy plan. We agree with the urgent need to develop new sources of renewable energy, but not with the sacrifice of an ecological and recreational treasure on the Maine coast, whose forests and marine systems already store carbon. We support using Mack Point as the location to build and launch floating wind turbines. We will make every effort to keep this page updated with the latest news and information as this process unfolds. Here you will find links to background information, news coverage, and informational video programs to help you understand the potential impact of the Offshore Wind Turbine project on Sears Island and the Town of Searsport. Click here if you’d like to receive email updates. If you have questions or comments, please email to

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