Trail Improvements

A Grant from the Recreational Trails Program enabled FOSI to have bridges placed along the Homestead Trail in wet or sensitive areas, as well as some ditching to divert runoff during rainy seasons. These improvements make walking easier and safer for visitors and reduce erosion, thus protecting the trail. Special thanks to Bonneville Canyon, 10 strong young men and their leader who volunteered 5 hours moving 134 heavy planks and logs to various places along the trail, cheers to the Maine Conservation Corps team that worked for 5 days to complete the project and to McCormack and Jay Economy, owners of the Yardarm Motel, who donated 6 rooms for the team, also thanks to other volunteers and behind the scenes helpers.    

Natural Resource Inventory

Another grant from the New England Environmental Fund helped pay for the Natural Resources Inventory that will serve as a guide for any future trails or projects. A public presentation in the spring gave a summary of the information gathered over the full growing season of 2010. Professional Biologist Allison Dibble and Registered Forester Jake Maier generously shared their field time and expertise with board members on several occasions.

For more details, see the complete  Natural Resource Inventory report  (5 MB PDF).

FOSI’s Susan White and Biologist Alison Dibble ID a plant

Forester Jake Maier and FOSI VP Bob Ramsdell measure tree's circumferrence with Jake's tape that converts to diameter

Forester Jake Maier and FOSI VP Bob Ramsdell measure tree’s circumferrence with Jake’s tape that converts to diameter