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Friends of Sears Island is proud to announce that our stewardship guide, “A Guide to Land Stewardship Planning for Public Access Conservation Lands,” is now available. This guide is based on the work of FOSI. Our organization has worked to create a model of effective and broad reaching land stewardship and systematic management that involves both professionals and volunteers. Based on our process of implementing effective stewardship through careful planning, our guide provides a brief introduction to land management planning appropriate to smaller scale organizations and owners managing conservation lands.

Our emphasis is on centering land management activities around community involvement and outreach as well as ecological principles. The guidelines we offer here are based on our successful process of creating a property that is stewarded by the community with great care and awareness, which has led to greater health of Sears Island’s biodiversity as well as public access and education. The guide also offers practical advice on planning for infrastructure such as trails and facilities. It is intended to form a starting point by outlining important elements of land stewardship planning.

Click the image or use this link to download the 28-page guide, approximately 1MB in size: