Thanks to funding by the Maine Community Foundation and the Davis Conservation Foundation, Friends of Sears Island is beginning a season of intensive stewardship on the island, with a focus on searching for and eradicating many invasive plants and also documenting sensitive features.  

Friends of Sears Island

The project’s overall goal is twofold. One objective is the creation of a stewardship management plan that can serve as a model for other land stewards, and the other is to implement a systematic plan to eradicate many invasives which threaten the island’s natural diversity and habitat over the next 3 years. Volunteer help is needed to accomplish these ambitious goals! This will be a chance to do some off-trail, back country adventuring on the island, learn about mapping and gps –and to get your hands dirty if you want to remove invasive plants! We also need folks with an interest in observing and documenting sensitive natural communities and wildlife for our citizen science project, and expert photography of animals, plants and features. If you’d like to learn more or help, email or call us at or 855-884-2284. Our core team will be out on the island on a regular basis, and our next volunteer day is Saturday, June 18th at 10am. Check the Friends of Sears Island website and calendar for more information.