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    The mission of the Friends of Sears Island (FOSI) is to support permanent protection of Sears Island's environmental and cultural resources; preserve its marine, shoreland, and forest ecosystems; and encourage educational and low-impact recreational uses of the island.     Sears Island offers visitors . . .
  • Easy access by causeway with parking
    • Miles of quiet, wild shoreline
    and several easy-to-moderate trails to explore
      • Wildlife watching and historic sites

  • • Dogs permitted; horseback riding on roads
    • Abundant botanical and geological features
    • Outdoor activities all year long, such as
    picknicking, kayaking, and snowshoeing

  • Directions


    Driving distances

    Blue Hill     30 miles
    Rockland    35 miles
    Augusta    55 miles
    Portland    110 miles
    Boston    220 miles

  • Walking on Sears Island

    There are many places to walk on Sears Island; the island is 2 miles north to south; maintained trails are marked *; mileages on trails are approximate.

    Shoreline Trail – about 5 mi. around; some places are impassable when the tide is in because of steep banks, so please consider the tide before you start;

    Jetty Road – about 1.5 mi., most of which is paved; for a lovely view down the bay walk up the rise on the left at the end of the road, to a space next to some birches;

    Tower Road – the gravel road that branches left off the paved road – about 2 mi. from the gate to the tower now used by cell phone companies; from the tower it’s about 300 yds. to a high bank at the shore, this path is overgrown;

    *Homestead Trail – about 0.67 mi., begins at the apple tree on the northeast end of the island and comes out to the Tower Road; just before a field look to the left for remains of the cellar of the old farmhouse;

    *Loop Trail – about 0.4 mi., begins and ends at the Tower Rd., branches arching overhead are charming in winter snow and peaceful any time of year;

    *Blue Trail – about 0.35 mi., begins beyond Loop Trail off Tower Rd. and leads to a beach with views to east and a nice spot for lunch;

    *Green Trail – accessed from the Jetty Rd. and leads about 0.6 mi. west, across a stream to the west shore; you can walk back to the gate along the shore at half tide or lower.

    * - maintained by FOSI

    Click here to download a PRINTABLE MAP


    Sears Island Trails and Roads

    Map of Sears Island - Click to download printable version

  • Enjoy the trails at your own risk. Please follow these guidelines so others may enjoy them too:
        No fires are allowed on the island.
        "Carry in/Carry out" and leave no waste on the island.
        If you are walking with your dog(s) please use baggies for their waste and place the baggies in the waste barrel.
    Note: Hunting is permitted on Sears Island during the "open" seasons – please be mindful of this.


    We greatly appreciate the support of our business and nonprofit organization members!

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