Sears Island Treasure Hunt for Kids with Robin Huntley

A young explorer displays his collection of natural treasures. Photo by Robin Huntley

Who doesn’t love finding treasures in nature?!  The treasures found in a place say a lot about it-  they can show who lives there, what kinds of habitat are available, and what seasonal phenomena are taking place. Robin Huntley, founder of Dirigo Learning Community-Based Education, will lead youth participants on a treasure-finding exploration of Sears Island on July 22nd, from 9:30-11:30am.  Participants will collect items throughout their adventure, arrange what they find as a tiny museum, and share with the group about their collection.  Treasures cannot be taken home from the island, but we’ll photograph each collection once it’s put together! This free program is for children ages 6-12 accompanied by an adult. To participate, advance registration is required as space is limited.

Please CLICK HERE to register.

This event is part of Friends of Sears Island’s “Science Squad,” an program involving children as scientists, explorers, and stewards of their environment. Sears Island is located on Sears Island Road off Route 1 just east of Searsport. Registered participants should park along the causeway at the end of the road and meet at the island gate by 9:30am. No pets are permitted at public programs. In the event of inclement weather, this program will be cancelled. For updates and more information, visit or call 207-975-3878.